From the Fujian Province in China comes this traditional budset white tea. Plump buds are plucked and processed to produce this delicate white tea. Available land for farming in Fujian is limited, as the province is mountainous and has many forests, however tea cultivation and production is one of Fujian's major crops. In fact, once upon a time Fujian was the only place where white tea was produced. 

Snowbuds brews to a light ecru cup with a mild, light, palate-pleasing citrus aftertaste resulting from the brewing of these gray-olive-green buds, with their slightly curled, fuzzy white tips. These brewed buds are well formed and have a fresh "after-the-rain" aroma.


  • Loose Tea - 1 oz tin Brew: 2 tsp tea in 8 oz. water (at 175°), steep for 4 minutes.