Nothing is worse than that moment you go for a chip only to hit cold, hard plastic.  It’s the bottom of the bowl and it’s something no football fan should have to deal with when their team is playing.

Enter Big Sport Party Bowl, the sport snacking system designed exclusively for the football fanatic. With an amazing 3.5 gallon capacity, you never have to worry about running out of your favorite snacks.  Load it up with one type of chip if that’s your style.  Or, throw in the Big Divide to satisfy multiple people’s game day cravings.  Plus, as a two-piece collapsible insert, it is easy to wash and store.  

Includes 2 Skyboxes for even more snacking options.  These high-quality cups clip onto the rim of your Party Bowl and will dish out anything you can take.  From salsa to queso, peanuts to olives – GO BIG OR GO HOME!

University of Florida Gators Party Bowl

  • Florida Gators Big Party Bowl